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“Debb’s content expertise in attachment and trauma and their underpinnings to neurobiology is only rivaled by her passion and commitment to changing the channel on how we understand the pain of the most vulnerable we serve.  In training with Debb, you will be inspired by her message that it is through connection and relationship in people’s lives that we can make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. "     
G. – Clinical Director


“Having had the opportunity to develop a workshop with Debb, I can attest to the fact that she brings expert knowledge, on the ground experience and a commitment to increase the skills and abilities of her audience. Debb takes the time to understand what is needed in a group and is able to be flexible in her approach in order to meet the needs of participants where they are at in their learning. Debb’s workshops are always a captivating experience, laced with humour, warmth and a sensitivity to creating a comfortable environment where participants feel safe to share”.     

Simone Shindler – Clinical Director

“Debb’s ability to create safety and vulnerability in her workshops and presentations was a unique experience.    Her informative engaging and often entertaining presentation style was adaptive to both small and larger groups.  She is clearly knowledgeable about trauma, neurodevelopment and anxiety and was able to translate meaning, context as well as suggest practical skills to CYWs, CYCs and other clinicians.”

Onika Haywood – Children’s Residential Program Supervisor

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